“Whether you win or lose, you never know unless you actually play the game” Aim For The Ace! 01

Comics vol. 01 "The strict coach, Jin MUNAKATA."

Written by Sumika YAMAMOTO

New coach Jin MUNAKATA came to West High School which is known as a prestigious school of tennis.

Hiromi OKA is a first-year student and is a substitute for the tennis club.

Coach MUNAKATA suddenly selects her to be a regular player.

Hiromi offers to decline, but the MUNAKATA doesn't accept it.

She is glared and bullied by senior students.

Takayuki TÔDÔ who is a student body president at high school and also a vice captain of the men's tennis club encourages her.

"I'm bound to lose when I get to the game, ..." "You're awfully obsessed with winning or losing, aren't you? It's good to win, but it's not bad to crush. If you make the best, it's OK."

TÔDÔ, who is still a high school student, can say such a mature word is impressive.

In other words, Mis. Sumika YAMAMOTO who was able to make this work at the young age of 24 years old is incredible!

I think "Aim For The Ace!" is categorized in sports manga. However, it never works with the theme of victorious supremacy. Hiromi will grow stronger after this.

But she doesn't show much pleasure even if she wins.

Conversely, Hiromi grieves much when she loses.

Perhaps she isn't sad that she lost the game, but it is kind of sad that it is sorry that Hiromi disappointed the expectations of coach MUNAKATA, and Hiromi was miserable that she couldn't make use of the teaching of the coach.

It's not whether victory is vital for Hiromi, it's whether or not it's alive at that moment with all mind, victory or defeat is secondary.

During the first official match, Hiromi remembers the words of TÔDÔ above.

Yes ... I wonder what is raging.

I don't have the power originally.
No matter how frightened it should have been, there must have been no win.
I was so stupid. I'll do as long as I can make the best possible.
I chase the ball as much as I can,
and if I lose with that, that's fine!

Do my best.

Hiromi's posture still attracts many fans.

And in "Aim For The Ace!", This is the person who should not forget, "Mrs. Butterfly" Reika RYÛZAKI.

She is a gorgeous, noble, sexually combined gentlewoman, but in volume one there is still a feeling that the standing position in the story has not been determined.

Mrs. Butterfly seems to be involved in Hiromi's racket lost case, spying on Hiromi's state to entourages, eavesdropping on his father's story secretly, from behind her, she doesn't seem to behave like her are scattered.

Well, as Mrs. Butterfly, she was pretentiously dealing with Hiromi, but it would be sad that Hiromi is trying to get away from herself.

Of course, she also keeps herself upsetting herself that she can't be such a narrow mind, so she doesn't participate in bullying.

Mrs. Butterfly's tennis' worthy opponent is Ranko MIDORIKAWA, with a dynamic play that makes use of her body height.

Ranko with a nickname of "Oran of Kaga" competes against Hiromi at the official game and shows off overwhelming strength and win. "The genius is too different in me and her..."

MUNAKATA strongly reprimand Hiromi, who is depressed. "Don't say stupid things. If anybody has that physique, you think that Saab can strike!? That's the gift of Oran's efforts." "Who can hit a good ball from the beginning? Who can have the perfect genius?" "Everyone raises their strengths, compensates for their disadvantages with effort, and is headed for the game." "Now get the racket. Never mention a word such as genius again!"

That night, the words said from coach aren't leaving Hiromi's head. She can hardly fall asleep and keep on thinking. "Well then, if I also make an effort, will one day be like the Mrs. Butterfly? Depending on my efforts, will such a wonderful playing be possible for me? If so, it does not matter what special training, ah!

Hiromi realized that Mrs. Butterfly, thought to be out of her league, was actually on the same horizon and was just walking ahead.

This straightforwardness can be said to be the most significant advantage of Hiromi.

She fights against Mrs. Butterfly and suffers a great defeat, but the readers can't stop hoping for her victory.

Because Hiromi 's efforts will be paid off, and the readers want to see that she'll win the Mrs. Butterfly in the not far future.

Hiromi OKA, who strives hard to make efforts and is burning the soul every day is dazzling.

"Aim For The Ace!" is "

The Book of Five Rings" for those who live youth regardless of age.

エースをねらえ!Aim For The Ace! (All volume set)

※ These comics are written in Japanese!

「エースをねらえ!」01巻「試合なんてものはやってみなけりゃわからないんだぞ」 「エースをねらえ!」02巻「つらくなんかない!! つらくなんかない!!」 「エースをねらえ!」03巻「まだやれる まだじゅうぶんやれる」 「エースをねらえ!」04巻「うまいのと強いのとちがうでしょ」 「エースをねらえ!」05巻「きなさい 死にものぐるいで」 「エースをねらえ!」06巻「いずれ なにもかも思いでになる」 「エースをねらえ!」07巻「やりぬいてみせる! 命をかけても!!」 「エースをねらえ!」08巻「彼女におとる青春はすごすまい!」 「エースをねらえ!」09巻「もう何からも逃げない!」 「エースをねらえ!」10巻「この一球!」 「エースをねらえ!」11巻「絶対負けられない!!」 「エースをねらえ!」12巻「ひろみ 打ちなさい!!」 「エースをねらえ!」13巻「もう あともどりはできない」 「エースをねらえ!」14巻「やればできるんだ!」 「エースをねらえ!」15巻「わたし…がんばります!」 「エースをねらえ!」16巻「夢は死なないのだね 宗方君…!」 「エースをねらえ!」17巻「日本中が君の勝利を祈ってる がんばれ!!」 「エースをねらえ!」18巻(終)「……がんばってきます!」 マンガ「エースをねらえ!」………恐ろしい子!

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